T-Shirt Bracelet Tutorial

I came across some lovely bracelets made from plaited t-shirts (various variations on pinterest most notably from the henryhappened.com and cutoutandkeep) so thought I'd give it a go. Once I played around with how to make them they were very easy and quick. 

Here's how I made mine...


  • - T-shirt strips - I had some already cut up from an old necklace but if not find a jersey t-shirt you don't mind cutting up. 
  • Cord (or ribbon)
  • Thin bendable wire (I used 28 gauge beading wire)
  • Glue

How to

  • If you need to cut up the t-shirt into three strips, about 2cm/0.5-1inch wide and 30cm/12inches long. 
  • Cut the cord into three 28cm/11inch pieces
  • Hold the ends together, with the cord slightly higher
  • Wind the wire around the ends to hold the cord and t-shirt strips together and in place
  • Separate into three groups and plait
  • Plait until it's the right length around your wrist. I have made mine to pull over my hand. 
  • Wind wires around the ends and cut off the excess cord and t-shirt strips
  • With the wire, continue winding around both ends to bind them together
  • Cut a piece of fabric to cover the ends and wire.  Fold the fabric over and wrap around the ends, glue in place.

  •  Leave to dry then it's ready to wear! Enjoy!

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