Owl Bunting

My latest craft project :-) I've slowly been making owl bunting for the new office at work - in my obsession with owls! Inspiration for the owls came from a photo on 'Chocolate fishies' blog and those sold by 'Missy Mack' on etsy. Here's how I made it....

Material -for the owl and for the tum
Brown embroidery thread

Step One: Cutting the fabric
Make two paper templates - A) the main owl body (adding at 1 cm around the edge) and B) the smaller tummy. Pin on to material and use as a template. Each owl needs two A's and one B. 

Step Two: Adding the features 
Stitch on the tummy – about 2cm from the bottom of the owl. 

Add some eyes – I used a larger cream felt and some funky buttons.

Step Three: Sewing the Owl together 
Pin the two pieces of material together (outside facing inwards) and sew around the edge except the bottom. Now pull the owl inside out – it’s easier if the top point is cut flat and the slits made around the edges.

Step Four: Final touches
Slip stitch the bottom together. Now sew on the nose – I used brown embroidery thread. Fold over the beak and slip stitch in place (hidden )

Step Five: Make the bunting
 Thread through the cord and add all the owls! Owl bunting made!!

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