Yarn Wrapped Words

I love these yarn wrapped words that are around at the moment. Full of endless possibilities....jewellery, home decoration..I thought it would make a nice addition to my office cork board that needs a refresh. I choice the word 'flora' but any word that can be written in joined up handwriting would work well. Here's how my attempt went..

What's needed:
  • Wire - I used some cheap general purpose gardening wire but any flexible wire such as coathanger, pipecleaners would do
  • Thread - I used two coloured twine brought from a lovely craft shop in Bath indoor market. Any embroidery thread or wool would do. The brighter the more effective!
  • Wire Cutters
  • Glue
Start by writing out the word in joined up handwriting on paper. Bend the wire to form the word, using the handwritten word as a guide. 

Tie the thread around the wire, tucking the end underneath to start. When the  wires cross, wrap the yarn around both to hold the letters in place. 

Wrap the thread around the whole word then make a knot to secure. I carefully put a drop of glue on the ends to stop the wrapped threads becoming loose. 

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