Peppermint Cream Recipe

Ever find you've baked a cake but end up with lots of icing left over? This happened to me at the weekend so I made some yummy peppermint creams. As children, my mum would let me and my sister make them with the left over icing pieces. 

- Roll out icing 
- Peppermint flavouring or essence
- Green dye (optional, preferable free from additives!)
- Icing powder
- Dark chocolate

Roll out the icing slightly and make a dip in the middle. Add in the peppermint essence/flavouring (about 2tsps per 100g icing) and colouring (see packet for guidance). Kneed the icing to mix in the peppermint and colouring. Roll out the icing on a clean dry board with a sprinkling of icing powder to stop it sticking. Make into shapes with cutters. Dust with icing powder a little to prevent them sticking! Let them sit for a few hours then melt some chocolate in a bowl and tip half of the creams in, then leave to dry on a baking rake. If you can resist eating them straight away, the taste even better after they've been left to harden!

I also made some delicious raspberry creams - same process with raspberry flavouring and red dye. If you'd like to make the icing from scratch use egg white and icing sugar - have a look on BBC Good Food website . 

Have fun!

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