DIY: Braided Charm bracelet

This DIY bracelet project was inspired by the gorgeous plait and chain friendship bracelets around in the shops at the moment. I especially like these in Urban Outfitters - Intial Bracelet and Effiel Tower Chain Bracelet . I fancied specific colours and had charms handy so decided to make some myself. 

- embroidery thread (three colours)
- chain
- cord (leather/knotting)
- charms
- clasp, jump rings, flat leather crimps

Start by cutting three pieces of each embroidery thread. Put the three ends into the crimp and close. Plait the threads. I find attaching it to something non-moving using a safety pin makes it less fiddly. 

When you reach half way along the length that you would like the bracelet, add the charm to one thread. Continue plaiting until the end and finish with a crimp. 

Add a jump ring to the crimp at both ends. Cut a length of chain the same length as the plait and attach to the jump rings

Cutting the same length in cord (one or two pieces), attach leather crimps to both ends and attach to the jump rings. Finally add a clasp and chain and its ready to wear!

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