James Martin's Roasted Sea Bass with Chorizo, red onion and cherry tomatoes

I'm getting obsessed about sea bass lately - tasty, sustainable (UK Farmed Sustainable fish guide)and reasonably priced. This week I tried out a recipe from one of my favorite chefs James Martin, available on the BBC Food website (recipe). I find his recipes easy to follow with readily available in season ingredients. 

Following James recipe, I fried chopped red onion, sliced chorizo, yellow pepper (instead of olives) and chopped garlic for about 5 minutes, then taking it off the heat I added thyme and cherry tomatoes. I chucked this into a glass dish, then placed the sea bass on top (with the skin slashed and stuffed with sprigs of thyme), added some seasoning and drizzled with olive oil before cooking in the oven for about 22 minutes. Just as simple as it sounds - the hardest part is to remember to take it out of the oven on time!

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