Exploring……Living Rainforest, Berkshire

A handy midway point between Bristol and London, the Living Rainforest is conveniently located just off the M4 Newbury junction. I'd seen the signpost many a time but never been to investigate until now....

A tropical rainforest in large glasshouses it's full of beautiful tropical plants with butterflies fluttering, birds roaming and a sloth (too elusive for us to spot!). 

Plus monkeys, toucans, a crocodile, fish, turtles and creepy crawlies!

Watch out for this guy running around  -as big as a peacock!

Red billed Toucans enjoying each others company

Goeldi's Monkey

The ticket is a bit pricey, but does allow you free entry for a year so great if you are local and lots to entertain kids. 

Recommend going for lunch at the White Hart, at Hampstead Norreys on the way!

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