Exploring...Cosmeston Lakes

A relaxing sunday brunch and walk around Cosmeston Lakes.

Situated off the road between Penarth and Sully are two large lakes surrounded by meadows, woodlands,  wetlands, ponds and a medieval village. 

Designated as a local nature reserve and parts as SSSIs the lakes and surrounding habitats are teaming with wildlife.

 Speckled Wood

 A great place to spot Dragonflies & Dragonflies

  A bold young robin

   Rudd - beautiful red fins 

                                        Cormorants, Great Crested Grebes, 
                                           Tufted Ducks & plenty of Swans

Board walks and gravel paths surrounded the peaceful waters. 

The medieval village - a reconstructed 14th century village reminded me of a mini St Fagans. 

The country park also has a visitor centre, cafe, toilets, free parking and entry. For more info http://www.valeofglamorgan.gov.uk/en/enjoying/parks_and_gardens/cosmeston/cosmeston_lakes_country_park/cosmeston_lakes_country_park.aspx

For some morning energy, the Ocho Lounge in Penarth provided us with a scrummy brunch - definitely one to visit again. Ocho lounge is part of the Loungers group (www.loungers.co/) e.g. Tinto lounge in Bristol and Portivo lounge in Gloucester. Can't wait to try some more!

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