Exploring.....Roath Park Conservatory, Cardiff

A hidden gem..........this weekend we discovered the lovely glasshouse at Roath Park. Located at the far northern point past the beautiful lake, amidst the botanical gardens full of rose beds, winding river with victorian bridges and mature trees with leaves turning autumnal oranges and reds.

The glass houses were first constructed in the early 1900's then replaced by the present conservatory in 1974. The warm humid conservatory is perfect for temperate and sub-tropical plants including banana trees, Panama oranges, pomegranates, ferns, orchids, Madagascar dragon tree which fill the glasshouse wherever you glance.

The focal point is a large pond with waterfall, providing a home to terrapins, huge fish and two wishing ducks. A pathway meanders around the pond and round through the tall banana and palm trees. 

At £2 per adult to go in it's well worth the money. A small shop selling a plants, duck food and a few gifts forms the entrance. 

Rose garden 
 Autumn colours
 Love the autumn colours

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