#30dayswild #days 7 - 13 Orchids & meadows galore!

It's been a busy week at work for Wales Biodiversity Week giving me an opportunity to discover lots of new sites across Wales....

#day7 #30dayswild

Borrow a dog for a walk!

#day8 #30dayswild

Travelled up to Llandudno, North Wales for work. Walking along Llandudno Pier I noticed hundreds of Jelly fish in the sea. These are the Moon Jellyfish (Aurelia aurita) which have 4 distinctive circles. 

#day9 #30dayswild

Today I helped organise a Grassland workshop led by the WBP Lowland Grassland & Heathland Ecosystem Group. We focused on grassland at the Great Orme and Creuddyn SSSI - practising using indicators to monitor grassland quality and discussed management options. The photo is of a grassland slope on the Great Orme - a fantastic site which I look forward to exploring further.

#day10 #30dayswild

Reading in the garden  - guidance on National Plant Monitoring Scheme ready for a training day in the Brecons tomorrow

#day11 #30dayswild

Attended the National Plant Monitoring Scheme training day in Brecons at Craig Y Nos Country Park. Found a lovely species-rich grassland with orchids to practice on. NPMS is a new habitat based plant monitoring scheme by BSBI, CEH, Plantlife & JNCC. Volunteers survey sites within a selected 1km square recording certain plants. There are different levels of recording so you don't need to be an expert at plant identification allowing you to build your knowledge over the years. 

#day12 #30dayswild

Discovering new places - spent today exploring Torfaen on the Torfaen Local Biodiversity Partnerships' away day. Highlights included a newly planted orchard, spotting Bee Orchids in the centre of Cwmbran, discovering Llwyncelyn Local Nature Reserve with Dyers Greenweed, finding southern marsh orchids along a new eco cycle path and much more! 

#day13 #30dayswild

Went on a guided Orchid walk at Howardian Local Nature Reserve by the Friends of the site - saw 5 orchid species & cross's. Stunning meadow with 1000s of Southern Marsh Orchids. The Orchid walk is run yearly and the LNR is definitely worth a visit - found hidden behind David Lloyd Leisure Centre off Newport Road, Cardiff.

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